True stories told in fiction …

In writing 470, I went down many rabbit holes. I wanted to tell a story about what climate change might really be like, realist fiction, not fantasy.

But it’s not so simple.

What temperature could a heat wave in Melbourne be expected to reach? How vulnerable would the cherry industry be to reduced chill factor? What effect will global warming have on cyclones, on polar vortexes, on El Niño? I have reference and research folders full of material on Atmospheric CO2,  Blue green algae, Bushfire,  Coastal vulnerability, Coffee,  Cyclones and storm surges,  Drought,  Economics,  Endangered Frogs, Ham radio internet,  Heat waves, Hybrid storms and ARkStorms, Leishmaniasis, Polar vortex,  Tipping Points, Wood gas, and dozens of other topics. This blog is a place for discussions about the true stories behind the fiction.

Terry Balle Reviews “470”

Speculative Fiction is the genre in which Linda Woodrow would place her new book, ‘470’. Speculative it may be and…
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