Online Launch: Live Stream video

Live stream with author Linda Woodrow speaking about her new book, and about the role of imagination and creative work in creating the future we want, with special guests David Holmgren, Robyn Frances, Starhawk and Charlie Mgee!

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  1. Dear Linda and the Melidora family & Starhawk! Thank you so much for this book, I devoured it. The story was just want I had been looking for to help me have the imagination to connect the dots between the future I know is coming and how to prepare myself, family and communities to be more ready. I live on a small community based on permaculture principles – the Holy Goat Ranch in Dorroughby NSW. My partner and friends live and have grown up in all the places in which the book takes place. It was indeed so entirely relatable and also joyful to see a path through survival and back to a life of connection and love. I have been working with the local Extinction Rebellion group in Lismore and would love to have you for a book reading/ community event up this way. I have no idea what your availability is of course but just wanted to tell you how very much your book has meant to me in moving forward with a bit more clarity and courage in these times. With much heartfelt love and gratitude – thank you.

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